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Our Business

There are three key areas of the business.

  • Harm Reduction
  • Sexual Health
  • Education and Mentoring


Harm Reduction

Focusing on drug related harm minimisation CSAW Health manufactures a range of personal sharps containers in Australia. In addition there are several containers which are imported to provide an extensive choice of high-quality products with most manufactured to conform with either AS4039:1996 ;  AS4939:2001 or 4031:1999 depending upon the container configuration. The containers include both injection and blow-moulded products ranging from a single disposal device through to a 1.8L disposal container. Other products include a comprehensive range of Beckton Dickenson and Terumo needles and syringes, cotton balls, filters, swabs, condoms, lube and fully assembled NSP kits.

Sexual Health


CSAW Health is the exclusive Distributor for ID Lubricants® in Australia and New Zealand. ID Lubricants® are a recognised leader in water-based and silicon-based personal lubricants within North America and Europe. This exciting and extensive range of products is manufactured in the USA and holds Australian TGA approvals.

Condoms - Coming Soon

We are also exclusive distributors of a select brand of quality condoms.  We recognised that condoms are an essential component of sexual health and that they are a key component of preventing sexually transmitted infections, however they can also make sex fun.  Packs of our high quality condoms in a range of sizes, textures and flavours will be available.

Education and Mentoring


CSAW Health is a distributor of education materials from HIT in the UK. HIT, formerly the Mersey Drug Training and Information Centre was established in 1985 to reduce drug-related harm and set up one of the UK’s first syringe exchange schemes. Based in Liverpool the organisation has an international reputation for developing, advocating and implementing a pragmatic and effective approach to the use of drugs.

HIT educational materials provided through CSAW Health include:

  • encouraging safer injecting practices to prevent the spread of HIV and blood-borne viruses (BBVs)
  • implementing the Models of Care
  • providing information about drugs
  • improving sexual health and knowledge of BBV’s
  • promoting safer clubbing
  • Young people and alcohol
  • preventing overdose


The team at CSAW Health acknowledges that there are limited opportunities for dissemination of information and discussions in the HR field across state, territory and national boundaries. To increase these opportunities we have approached key leaders in the Harm Reduction field and invited them to be involved in the Mentor Program through which interested members can contact highly-regarded professionals in this field with their questions.

To access this service simply join the Mentor Program

In addition, bulletins from institutions wishing to promote courses and education within the Harm Reduction sector will be posted on the site.

Please Note: The ‘Mentors’ do not endorse CSAW Health in any way, nor does CSAW Health endorse advice provided by mentors to participants. The objective for establishing and hosting this Mentor Program is simply to provide access to people with expertise with those wishing to pursue professional development opportunities where appropriate.


Accessing Our Products

CSAW Health has strived to reduce barriers to purchasing our products and so all products may be purchased by Government Departments, NGOs, NSPs and the general public. The only products that are not available for sale to the general public are sharps and water for injection due to current legislation.  

Most products are available online.

If we don’t stock an item that you require please contact us and we will endeavour to procure it and make it available for sale.

Trade / Commercial Enquiries are welcome, please contact us directly on 0401 050 542.


"Without a mentor in life, one can easily succumb to folly. Without a mentor in life, one can easily become self-centered, capricious and arrogant. "

""Between 1991 and 2000, needle and syringe programs were estimated to prevent around 25,000 cases of HIV and 21,000 cases of hepatitis C, an economic saving of between $2.4 and $7.7 billion for an investment of $150 million."The Prevention Of Substance Use, Risk And Harm In Australia A Review Of The Evidence  (Loxley, Toumbourou, Stockwell, 2004)"

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